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Welcome to a design nation!


The Art of Life is real art!

It is the art of creating your world through the small things like decorating the home, sharing the beauty and the aesthetic and cultivating happiness in your life.

As early as 1830, the French aristocrat Charles Christofle dedicated his talent to creating home accessories and furniture with elegance. Beyond the silver industry excellence that created the brand's reputation and success, Christ's distinctive Frfel about the shapes of the objects and the culture they carry make his collections so different.


The Rosenthal brand has been fascinating with modern and innovative design for 130 years and today is a benchmark for lifestyle.

Patricia Urquiola, Atelier Versace, Robin Platt, Cairn Yang, Ron Arad, Andy Warhol, Walter Gropius are just some of the designers who worked on the collections of exquisite and unique dishes and tableware, as well as interior accessories.

Feel the inspiration of our products! Make a gift that causes real admiration! Beautify your home!


Hand us

In the world of "Selma Iv" and Rosenthal Boutique, decorating the home and arranging the table is not only a combination of accessories but above all concepts forming a social and cultural phenomenon.

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